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Protecting Your Rights In The Criminal Justice System

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, you need a strong legal advocate and solid legal advice. We know how high the stakes are for you. Even minor charges can have a big impact on your future. At Azam Law Firm P.C., our attorney provides aggressive and affordable representation to protect your legal rights. No matter what charges you face, we firmly believe every client has the right to a high-quality legal defense.

Providing A Vigorous Defense

Attorney Ahmad Azam is licensed to practice in both state and federal court, which means he is prepared to handle a wide range of criminal cases. Some of the most common types of criminal defense cases we see in our office include:

  • DUI/DWI charges – Many people assume there is no point in fighting their DWI charges, especially if their blood alcohol content was over the legal limit. That simply is not true. Several defenses exist, including the legality of the stop, the accuracy of the test and factors that may lessen the charges or the penalties.
  • Drug charges – Texas law enforcement takes drug offenses seriously, and so do we. From possession to trafficking, we vigorously defend every case and fight to protect your rights throughout the process. Whether you are facing state or federal charges, we are prepared to assist you.
  • Theft – Penalties for theft and robbery crimes often range in seriousness based on the amount stolen and the method of the theft.
  • White collar crimes – These charges of financial fraud are often brought in federal court. They are also complex and require a firm understanding of both the charges and the federal judicial system.

At Azam Law Firm P.C., we prepare every case for trial. We know that most criminal cases end in a plea agreement, but we will never advise you to take a plea that is not in your best interest. We are a litigation firm, and we are not afraid to argue your case in the courtroom, if necessary.

Get Started On Your Defense Today

The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can begin building your defense. Early involvement in your case can have many benefits, including the chance to lower your charges or have them dismissed altogether. Contact our office in Stafford today by calling 832-514-7826 or reaching us online. Members of our team speak Arabic and Spanish.