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AWS Law Office, is a full-service law firm serving the Fort Bend and Houston area and part of a diverse law collective of attorneys who bring you years of experience. Our expertise is in the field of State and Federal Criminal Defense, Business Transactions and Commercial Litigation, Family Law and more. We believe that representation does not begin and end in a courtroom, but rather that each aspect of a client’s life is intimately linked to the legal problems they may face and we provide counseling throughout.

Family Law

Our offices have a great record of success in securing the best outcome for those who are forced to litigate family related matters. We ensure that your rights are protected, that you and your family are not subject to racial stereotyping in the courtroom, and that your constitutional rights to rear your family and enjoy your life’s work is not compromised. We represent clients in all family law matters, including contested and uncontested divorce, child support and custody, modifications, enforcement actions, alternative dispute resolution and mediation. We can help to negotiate settlement agreements and shape a process that works for you and your family, but we are always ready to litigate and try the case to secure your rights.

Criminal Defense

Our law firm has extensive experience in all stages of criminal investigation and prosecutions. From investigation to appeal, Azam, Ward and Sullivan, Pllc, provides a zealous and protective defense to all our clients. Our offices handle all matters from violations to misdemeanors and felonies brought by State or Federal Prosecutors. Our attorneys are always available to make sure your rights are protected.

Business Law

We provide counsel for various business transactions, including real estate transactions, business sales and transfers, international and cross-border business contracts and sales. We are also here to assist you in forming your new business, and will provide you with the information necessary to find the right type of business.

Contract Law

Our Offices provide services in connection with all types of contracts, our attorneys are available to provide counsel on offered contracts, draft, review, negotiations and more.

Personal Injury Law

If you have been injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be getting ready to face nearly insurmountable obstacles. You have the right to seek fair settlement compensation for the losses you have experienced through a personal injury case. We have experience handling personal injury claims. Each day, we go up against the insurance companies and their adjusters –the people that are hired and trained to minimize claims and pay as little as possible. Don’t settle for less by attempting to battle the insurance companies on your own


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